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״Tal's music is captivating, beautiful and swinging!
Give it a liten!״


Pianist and composer Tal Blumstein was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Tal started playing the piano when he was 6 years old and soon fell in love with it.

At 15, he turned to the world of Jazz and popular music out of great interest in improvisation.

In 2012, Tal decided to move to New York City to pursue his musical dream. He studies at “The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music” from which he graduated with highest honors as valedictorian.

Over the years, Tal led various groups and collaborated with top artists in Israel, Europe, and the US.

Some of his teachers include the finest Jazz artists: Sam Yahel, Aaron Goldberg, Hal Galper, LeeAnn Ledgerwood, Reggie Worman, Yosvany Terry, Kevin Hayes, Omri Mor, and more.


During his time in NYC, Tal started his own piano trio, which soon became the center of his career in Jazz.

The trio, featuring bassist Max Oleartchik, and drummer Itay Morchi, released its debut album, "New York - Tel Aviv" in 2015, hosting Finnish vocalist Dea Juris and saxophonist Alexander Levin.

A few years later, after touring with the music in Europe and the US several times, the trio released their second album, "The Gradient" - focusing on the trio's musical influences.

The trio members’ unique and deep musical connection was formed due to many years of true friendship, which is the core of its special sound and energy.

They have been playing together since 2010 and continue to create new music and perform worldwide.

The trio’s music is a special combination of traditional Jazz, Middle Eastern, and Israeli music, with some modern Jazz implications.


A story of friendship and a shared love for music

The interplay and musical complicity between the three friends were so evident that forming a trio was the next natural step in their musical journey.

Together, they performed in New York’s jazz venues, appeared in well-known festivals, and toured all over Europe, where they received rave reviews.

The trio features Max Oleartchik on bass, Itay Morchi on drums, and Tal Blumstein on piano, vocals, and most compositions. The trio's musical journey goes way beyond music... It is a story of true friendship and a shared love of music.

Max Oleartchik's bass playing is unique and very creative. Max lives the moment "here and now" and lets his feelings and emotions define his playing. In recent years, Max has played with the world-famous bad "Big Thief" and performed for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. In addition to playing with "Big Theif", Max is collaborating with top-of-the-line musicians, including his father, Alon, who is a key figure in the Israeli music industry.

Itay Morchi is a world-class drummer based in NYC. Itay has collaborated with some of the finest jazz artists in the world, including Johnny O'neal, Roy Hargrove, Ravi Coltrane, Aaron Goldberg,, Tivon Penicott, Tuomo Uusitalo, Mulgrew Miller, Eli Degibri, Doug Weiss, Daniel Zamir, Omer Avital, Joel Frahm, Avishai Cohen, Dayna Stephens, Gilad Hekselman, Donald Harrison, Grant Stewart, J.J Wiggins, to name a few...

In 2015, the trio released their first album, "New York - Tel Aviv".

The album includes a set of seven original compositions, which are intimate narratives inspired by the years the trio spent together in New York with some influences from their hometown.

In 2021, the trio gathered in Tel Aviv and recorded their second album, "The Gradient".

This album reflects Tal's main musical influences. It combines a wide range of emotions, explorations, and musical styles, emphasizing the vibe of traditional Israeli and Middle Eastern music melodies.

"Something special happens when the three of us are together in a room and play that cannot be put into words..." - Tal Blumstein

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